Happy New Year MPDers!Β 

Super excited to make my first post of 2017! Hope you are doing well this Tuesday. I made a quick set of greeting cards for a friend of mine whose vacation leave from the Army ended today. I’ve got some things in mind to send him once a month. Get crafty MPDers (Mwenprale Dorayley Readers πŸ˜‰)! 

Γ€ La Prochaine 

Rae Ramses 


Happy December!!!Β 

Hope that you are doing well and I hope this month brings you time to get your craft on. 

Á La Prochaine 


Mother’s Day 2016

I was on Damasklove.com blog and decided that Amber’s tutorial on fabric cards was just what I needed this past Mother’s Day. Here are the results:




What do you think? I knew my stash of fabric from Michael’s would come in handy. For the full tutorial, click here. Seriously, so easy!

A La Prochain,
Rae Ramses

It’s March, already?!?


I am so happy to be posting today and I have lots to share over the next several days. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get my projects up to par! Here’s a little something before I leave:


A friend of my nephew’s was having a little girl after losing the first one in a car accident. Β Needless to say, she was super stoked about the package I sent her. Come back tomorrow as I share more pics from this session!

Á La Prochain!

Rae Ramses